Hi, friend!

Whether you’re far along in your sustainability journey, maybe you’re just dipping your toes into what it means to use non-toxic beauty products or you enjoy my travel recommendations, I’m so happy you’re here! I believe intentional living is worth it and within reach for everyone.  I hope you’ll come to this blog as a source of encouragement and inspiration; it’s never a place of judgment! I, too, am working on making changes everyday to better myself and the world around me. I live in Austin, TX, and am recently married to my best friend and angel on earth! We love spending time exploring our city and all the amazing restaurants here, adventuring to surrounding towns, going on hikes, and thrifting.

My wild belief

With the belief that positive change comes from tiny shifts in our habits, my vision is to uplift perspectives around what’s possible for the future of our lives, our environment and our world with daily intention. Through healthy habits, mindful purchases, a pop of bold color, and the occasional adventure, my goal is to inspire in you an unshakeable joy and passion for all that life has to offer. I’ve found that through a shift in my perspective and a true step back from the messaging that we constantly need more in order to feel fulfilled, I can focus on what really matters.

Fun facts



favorite clean beauty product:

Ilia mascara or farmacy honey halo moisturizer

Favorite Book:

“Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb”

how I met my husband:

At the church we both attended in Dallas

if ____ is on the menu, I have to get it:


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