Favorite Running Accessories

January 25, 2022

HI! I’m Molly.

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I’ve been consistently running for nine years now and want to share my favorite running accessories with you all.

This February, I’ll be running my ninth full marathon! It’s so crazy that when I started I only wanted to do it as a way to accomplish this big, bucket list item and now it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I’m so thankful for what running has taught me and how I’ve grown as a runner. 

What accessories I’ve used along the way has definitely changed, too and I’m compiling my current favorite running accessories below! Here they are:

Energy Bloks

I used to use Gu to power my long runs and now I swear by these bloks. They’re seriously so good, easy to eat while running and they don’t make my stomach hurt (which the gu did a lot of the time). I haven’t had a flavor I don’t like, so I recommend the variety pack! 


I’ve been using nuun since day one of running because my dad introduced me to them. I have yet to find another electrolyte supplement that has as great nutritional value as them and their flavors are great! I love most of their flavors, too. 

Shokz Headphones 

Y’ALL! I  can’t believe it took me to long to get these headphones!! Oh my gosh they’re amazing. I was worried about how they would sound since they’re technically right outside your ear, but the sound quality is the same + safer since they’re not inside your ear. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them falling out. They stay very secure the entire time! I’m obsessed! 

Body Glide

If you’re running long distances, you’re going to want anti-chafing rub. This one is my favorite and goes on so smoothly. 

Foam Roller

Another must! I highly recommend YouTubing foam roller exercises for runners and following along with those videos as you get used to using it. You’ll be shocked at what a difference it makes when you use it consistently!

Hoka Clifton 8 Running Shoes

I swear by my Hoka running shoes. I’ve tried a few different styles of Hokas and the Cliftons have been my favorite. I think they provide just the right amount of support - plus they have a lot of cute colors!

Hair Ties

The right hair tie can make a huge difference! I freaking love these hair ties. I never have to worry about my hair falling out or getting loose along the way.

Bombas Socks

Y’alllll don’t sleep on getting socks specific for running! These socks are heavenly. They come up to the perfect height and have just the right amount of cushion. I refuse to run in anything else!! 

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