What I’m Asking For This Christmas

November 28, 2021

HI! I’m Molly.

Here to encourage you on your own bold pursuit of intentional living as I live out my own. I’m passionate about non-toxic living and simplifying our lives so we’re free to focus on the moments that really matter.

I love seeing what others have on their Christmas list, so I wanted to share what i'm asking for this Christmas!

I’m not super into gift guides anymore, but some of my favorite posts to see are what people are asking for themselves for Christmas! Maybe it’s because I’m nosy or maybe it’s because I struggle with coming up with my own list, but I just think it’s so fun seeing what others ask for! I obviously will not be getting all of this, but here’s the list I sent my family! 

Cultivate What Matters Goal-Setting Planner

I’ve used this once before and absolutely LOVE it. I’m huge on setting goals and this is the perfect tracker. They’re so intentional with how they’ve set it up and with the design behind the planner. If you’re someone who wants to be intentional with your time and how you’re spending it, I highly recommend this planner! I can’t say enough good things about it!

Everlane Top

I am OBSESSED with this top! Since starting my capsule wardrobe, I’ve been able to identify my needs and I’ve felt like I need a few more “nicer” tops, but still have the ability to be dressed down...this one fits that description perfectly! It is so timeless and chic, I could not be more in love with it. If I don’t get it, I will be hunting it down January 1, 2022 haha.

Gorjana Huggies

I got my ears double pierced around this time last year and have pretty much only worn earrings in the second piercing all year, unless going out and I want to wear a statement pair in the first. I really want an everyday pair for the first hole and these are perfect!


I loooove paper goodies. I haven’t bought a new notebook in such a long time and absolutely love the design of this one - I had to ask for it! If you do anything where you track something daily, this would be the perfect notebook for you. 

Weekday Vegetarians Cookbook

I much prefer finding recipes from cookbooks vs. online because there are sooo many options when it comes to online, so having a cookbook always makes it easier! I usually don’t eat meat when cooking at home and everything in this cookbook looked AMAZING!! The photos looked incredible, too.

Sezane Micky Jumper

I’m in love with everything from Sezane and actually don’t own anything from them yet! They're an ethical fashion brand based in Paris and everything is so classy and timeless. This sweater looks so cozy. 

Terrasol Mug

I love supporting small businesses and have especially loved following a few small business owners the past few years who make ceramics. This is one of them and I would love one of her mugs!

Glossier Cookie Butter Lip Balm

Glossier lip balms are by far my favorite balms! My lips are always chapped and these work the best for keeping them hydrated. This flavor is so fun!1

Running Socks

If you don’t run, you may not realize that good running socks are really expensive haha! I love Bombas socks because they have a giving component to them and they’re super comfy too. Plus they’re the perfect height and never slip!

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